Watch Shop

Crafted by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. Our extensive collection is renowned  throughout the industry and we stock a diverse range of gents and ladies watches to suit any requirement and for any occasion.


Whether you choose an up to date version of the Tank in steel and rose gold, an 18 carat gold ladies Panthere,  a stainless steel Pasha or a white gold mini Baignoire. You can be assured, that you are wearing, a modern version of a timeless classic.

The name Rolex is synonymous with top of the range designer watches. But did you know that they began life as one man’s dream, to create the perfect wristwatch? When a young German man named Hans Wilsdorf turned his attention to watch making, at the beginning of the 20th century. 

When choosing a Breitling watch. You can be assured that whichever model you pick. You’ll be the owner of a watch that not only has a high tolerance. To electrical or magnetic disturbances and is resistant to pressure. But that has a design befitting of the outstanding elite, who choose to wear Breitling.

Whether you’re intrigued by the advanced technology, found in the Formula I range, in love with the retro good looks of the square Monaco range, that became an instant classic, when worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 racing film ‘Le Mans’. Or you prefer the elegance of the Lady Link collection. Which naturally, has been designed with the sporty yet stylish Tag Heuer woman in mind. You know, that you’ll never be disappointed with your choice.

If Georges Favre-Jacot could see, how he revolutionized the way watches are made. He would no doubt be exceedingly proud, that it’s still happening right in the very same workshop. That he built all those years ago.
Choose a Zenith watch and you are choosing not only a stylish and accurate. Way to tell the time. But a piece of watchmaking history too.

From the classic lines of the Vintage Collection. To the technologically advanced Pilot’s watches and all the families in between. No matter which one you choose. You can guarantee, that they have been lovingly assembled. Rigorously tested and finished.

If a watch brand is good enough for 007 himself. Then you know you’re in good company when choosing an Omega watch. For a stylish and often dangerous secret agent living life on the edge. James Bond’s timepiece of choice needs to combine precision timing, with some serious good looks.

In the current collection. There are 19 basic calibers and over 50 different types of movement. All watches however, are only produced in small runs. This makes a Patek watch. An excellent investment, as they hold their value. Which when combined, with their timeless design and advanced technology. Means that they enjoy great success, among collectors.

Whether you favour the glittering high jewellery collection. The Reine de Naples watches or the sturdy and practical yet stylish Marine collection. You will be acquiring a watch that has been borne of over 200 years of history and innovation.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, that is absolutely no problem. Why not drop into our shop located in the city centre at 21 Dawson Street Dublin 2, to view our full range and speak to our trained staff. So that we can get a better understanding of what your requirements are and how we can help. 

Along with our wide range of timepieces, we also provide world class watch services. Please feel free to browse our services page for more information.